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DBT Therapy in Austin

The process of therapy can help you work through the issues that are keeping you stuck. I work with clients who deal with depression, anxiety, Bipolar disorder, trauma and abuse, eating disorders, addictions, anger issues, and relationship tensions. DBT Therapy focuses on coping skills to better manage these symptoms which can help you build a life worth living.  

DBT groups, DBT therapy, DBT Austin
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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) teaches you concrete skills to manage intense emotions rather than going to self-destructive or impulsive behaviors to cope. You can experience great relief in the process of learning to manage your mood and emotions rather than allowing your emotions to control you.  

DBT groups, DBT therapy, DBT Austin
stop avoiding


Do you feel like intense emotions such as anger, depression, or anxiety are preventing you from doing what you want to do in the present?   If so, you can benefit from DBT.  In DBT, you will learn skills to work through painful emotions so that they do not hinder you from participating in life, making movement towards your values, and building and maintaining relationships.  Avoidance is often a common coping skill when you are immobolized in the emotion. DBT teaches you skills in learning to tolerate and ride the wave of your emotions as you learn to slowly take yourself out of your comfort zone and hence start living your life.

DBT groups, DBT therapy, DBT Austin


Your full potential.


In the process of learning to cope better with life's stressors and the emotions surrounding it, you will have more energy to become the person you want to be.  Many clients will report that learning new ways to manage emotions, negative thoughts, and issues from the past helps them to gain confidence and reach their full potential.   

DBT groups, DBT therapy, DBT Austin

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I am not a "talk therapist" (where you talk, I only listen).   The style of therapy I provide clients is skill based.  You can expect for me to give you feedback and coaching in sessions to help you connect your stressor to a new coping skill to try out.   Future sessions are then spent on you giving me feedback on how your coping skills worked and we troubleshoot from there.   By the time they leave therapy, clients report enhanced confidence in their use of coping skills.  


DBT groups, DBT therapy, DBT Austin
DBT groups, DBT therapy, DBT Austin
DBT groups, DBT therapy, DBT Austin
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