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Benefits of Group Therapy

Benefits of DBT Skills Groups

  • Consistent weekly coaching from DBT Skills Coach leads to increased understanding and application of DBT skills

  • Observation of other group members provides added insight of issues and modeling of vulnerability

  • Sharing of stressors and symptoms reduces feelings of shame and isolation

  • Worksheets, DBT Diary Card, and repetition of skills taught enables the retraining of the brain process to learn new thinking patterns and reduce crisis behaviors

  • Experience of DBT Skills coach (15 years) enables clients to receive coaching on a wide range of issues and how to apply a combination of DBT skills which leads to increased confidence to cope with everyday life issues

Benefits of DBT Advanced Groups

  • Smaller group setting with consistent group members allows for group interaction and feedback which leads to enhanced interpersonal effectiveness skills

  • Higher level worksheets allow clients to receive coaching on how to apply a combination of DBT skills to everyday hot topic issues (examples of worksheets include: "Control is an Illusion", "Relationship Insecurities", "The Root of My Rumination")

  • Group members are placed in groups with others with similar issues and life stage in order to increase group comradery, cohesiveness, and opportunity for vulnerable sharing

  • Twice a month therapy provides clients with a low level affordable way to continue receiving DBT treatment in order to retrain the brain, get the DBT skills engrained and improve quality of life issues

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