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Individual Counseling:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and insight-oriented therapy are approaches used to help client work through past and present issues. At the beginning of treatment, it is recommend that clients come once a week in order to build the relationship and develop momentum in working through issues.   

Fee: $175/session (45 minutes)

Couples Counseling:

The focus of couples counseling is to work through issues such as conflict resolution, understanding dysfunctional communication patterns and develop healthier ways to relate and build trust.  DBT coping skills are utilized and modeled to give couples more effective ways to communicate and reduce conflict. 

Fee: $200/session (50 minutes)


DBT Skills Training Group:

For effective DBT group treatment, it is recommended that clients attend group for at least 8-12 months in order to gain confidence in practicing and implementing new behavioral skills in their natural environment. DBT skills are taught to help clients become more aware and mindful, improve interpersonal relationships, increase ability to understand and manage painful emotions, and tolerate emotions without engaging in self-harm behaviors. 

Fee: $75/group (90 minutes)

DBT Advanced Group:

Designed for group members who have already completed 8 months of skills training and desire to use the process group to continue momentum in skills application.  Coaching from the therapist and interactive feedback from other group members assist the client in sharpening their skill usage and working through current stressors. For more information on DBT Advanced curriculum:

Fee: $75/group (60 minutes)

Radically Open DBT (RODBT) Skills Group:

For group members who struggle with excessive self-control and over-control tendencies which can be exhibited by rule-governed behaviors, social anxiety, perfectionism, high social comparisons, envy/bitterness and obsessive/compulsive disorders.  This is for clients who have already completed 8 months of standard DBT skills training and want to focus on targeting their specific over-control tendencies.

Fee: $75/group (90 minutes)

For more information on DBT therapy groups, please see:


DBT groups, DBT therapy, DBT Austin
DBT groups, DBT therapy, DBT Austin
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